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CBROA was formed mainly to take care of the interest of retired officers in the Bank. But no Association can exist without the support of the society. After in existence for more than 15 years, members felt that it is time for the Association to give back to the society from which it has benefited. The idea got support from the overwhelming majority of members and a few of them pledged their whole hearted support. It was decided that the members would contribute their mite to create an initial corpus of Rs.5.00 lakh and the interest earned on the corpus would be utilized to support projects in support of education, health etc. which helps to improve the socio-economic conditions. Keeping in view of lack of infrastructure at primary schools especially in those run by Government, it was decided to take up projects for creating, improving and maintaining basic facilities at the Govt. primary schools. The Scheme was named “CHAITANYA SCHEME” and was launched in 2012 and sought voluntary donations from members towards building the corpus. The enthusiastic members contributed generously to the scheme and soon the target corpus was realized. The project for assistance was identified through members and after getting a field visit report from the concerned Central Committee member, a Committee at Central Office decides on the proposal. The involvement of members and CC members ensures that the money spent goes for the purpose for which it was granted. Separate accounts of CHAITANYA SCHEME are maintained to create trust and transparency and with the continued support of members the corpus now stands at over Rs.12.00 lakhs. A number of projects have already taken up by CBROA and continues to contribute to the society in its own small way through the Scheme.
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